Starting with WetSponge

What is WetSponge?
It’s a whole new and powerful API for developers to let them make their plugins compatible with Spigot 1.8.8, 1.12.2 and 1.13 and the latest Sponge Version.

It also modifies apply a performance and utility layer over Spigot, optimizing and adapting to Java8 some of its methods.
And at last but not least, there are custom APIs such as NBTTags, Text Generation, Config Accessors… which will make your dev proccess easier than ever!

Server Owners

Installing WetSponge

It’s as easy as including it as a normal plugin.

If you are using Spigot, just drop your WetSponge jar file to your /plugins folder.
If you are using Sponge, do the same but into your /mods folder.

Plugins folder

Once you launch your server for the first time using WetSponge, a new plugins directory named WetSpongePlugins will be created on your server root folder.

Any WetSponge plugin must go in that folder. They won’t work if you put them inside the original server folder as they aren’t coded as a “normal” plugin.


WetSponge as a Dependency

If you know how to add a dependency to your plugin you know how to add WetSponge. But we encourage you to use our Maven Repository to include WetSponge.

As WetSponge can be found in MVNRepository you can include WetSponge as a dependency in your pom.xml file.

    <!-- WetSponge -->