Main classes you should know

You can see some WetSponge plugins on our Samples Git but you should take a look to these classes if you don’t want to get lost.


This class represents a text, with its colors, styles and actions. Take a look at the whole class on JavaDocs

To create a WSText from a String you can use

WSText customText = WSText.of("Put here the String that you want to convert to a WSText");


You can create a more complex WSText taking advantage of the WSText.builder. Take a look on JavaDocs. Remember that, as every other WetSponge builder, you have to end your code with the methods .build() to instanciate the new object.

An example of using a WSText.builder would be

WSText complexText = WSText.builder("Main text of the builder:")
                        .append(WSText.builder("Hello people!").color(EnumTextColor.AQUA).style(EnumTextStyle.BOLD).build())

// Equivalent text on Minecraft: "&eMain text of the builder: &b&lHello people!"

We have to extend the snippet to include WSClickActiond and WSHoverAction examples


It’s the bridge class between Spigot and Sponge Location class but with more methods to simplify how it works, you can see them on JavaDocs.

// Get the distance to center from the coord 200x54x200 on "customWorld"
double distanceToCenter = WSLocation.of("customWorld", 200.0, 54.0, 200.0).distance(0, 0, 0);


This class will represent a handled player from the server. You can check the class methods on JavaDocs.

try {
    // Get the player named IhToN and change its GameMode to Creative or throw a PlayerNotFound exception.
} catch (WSPlayerNotFoundException e) {


The WSWorld class represents a loaded world of Minecraft. You can take a further look to the class methos on JavaDocs.

// Spawn a Wither on the coordinates 50x0x50 in "customWorld"
WSWorld customWorld = WetSponge.getServer().getWorld("customWorld").get();
customWorld.spawnEntity(EnumEntityType.WITHER, Vector3d.from(50, 0, 50));


Custom properties of a WSWorld, you can get and set almost any world property. You can see them all of them on JavaDocs.

// Get the WSWorld "customWorld" and set the world PVP enabled and also make it rain
WSWorld customWorld = WetSponge.getServer().getWorld("customWorld").get();